Spiral Path Yoga Center

TRE Workshop

TRE (Tension Release Exercises) is based on a simple concept: The nervous system has a natural way of recovering from stress and tension, if we allow it.
Join Jenne Eden, a certified yoga instructor and TRE provider, and learn a set of 7 simple exercises that safely activate a natural reflex in the body that feels like a mild warmth or soft vibration, rocking or shaking sensation. Bring resilience into the body as muscular tension patterns are gently released bringing a feeling of relaxation as well as feelings of greater focus, vitality and wholeness.
TRE was created by David Berceil Ph.D, a clinical social worker, whose work with communities in strife-torn areas of the Middle East and Africa helped him recognize that the body’s natural shaking response to stress appears to be a built-in mechanism for bringing the nervous system into homeostasis.

June 23, 2018
Time: 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Main Location
Spaces Left: 9 Capacity: 20
Event Prices:
$35.00 - Event Registration
$25.00 - Early Bird Registration (through 6/16)